Glass beads

Trollbeads made from Murano glass and silver or gold.

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Green Prism
This prism is vibrant with colours. The green is dominant, however, challenged by both turquoise pur..
Green Stripe Bubbles
The light is reflected in the bubbles and in a second, colours change and remind us to enjoy the day..
Green Wave
A romantic and sophisticated wave like fabric that gently floats around a dancer. Light spring green..
Grey Prism
Seldom has grey looked this elegant. The cut makes this bead look like lightely dusted grey eminence..
Happy Summer Kit
A bright and happy summer. Let the sun shine… Beads inlcuded in this kit: Beach Ball, Beige Moonsto..
Heart Chakra
This Trollbead, the fourth chakra, is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyc..
Honey dawn
The flowing layers of this honey yellow bead capture the golden light of dawn as it breaks through t..
Indigo Kit
Indigo and creamy colours mixed to remind us of our surroundings - seen at dawn. Beads included in ..
Inner Glow
Inner Glow is the bead of your interior light, and when brought into the dark it glows - showing you..
Ivory Violets
Delicate purple violets waving softly in the wind, casting shadows on an ivory background with a gli..
Khaki Stripe
Khaki green with a hint of blue and pink. Alternating stripes of frosted and transparent glass, lett..
Lake Eye
Green, clear and deep it evokes thoughts of a scenic lake, while small bubbles are a reminder of ani..
Lakeside Forest Kit
The crisp yellows and blues of an autumn sky, the dark intense violet of a slowly chilling lake, thi..
Lavender Prism
Soft lavender somewhere between pink and purple. Light is reflected in the prism in all three colour..
Lavender stripe
Lavender and purple leaning up against each other. Alternating stripes of frosted and transparent gl..